My blog made it to Feedspot – Top 100 weight loss blogs

Hurray! My blog made it to the Feedspot top 100 weight loss blogs. It is a great feeling when your hard work starts showing results and receive words of appreciation. I want to thank the Feedspot team a million times for featuring my blog at in the list of “Top 100 weight loss blogs on the web”.

I am a regular reader of Feedspot evergreen feeds and news. I felt honored when one day I was reading my own blog feeds on Feedspot.

Often I go through their different articles and lists to gain some insights and interact with different publishers. I must say, it is a fantastic platform where you not only read news and feeds but can interact with thousands of bloggers and publishers around the globe.

To those who do not know about them, Feedspot is a news and feed portal allowing you to read news and feeds from different categories – health, fitness, politics, sports, etc.

I personally want to thank Anuj Agrawal, the founder of the Feedspot portal for writing an email and letting me know about my blog listing on the Feedspot portal. This shows that he like his platform cares for every one success, and keeps delighting people.

I also want to thank the Feedspot team and their backend staff who are working day and night towards making the Feedspot a great place for the readers. It is because of their hard work we have such a fabulous news portal on the web. Feedspot is taking the news reading experience to the next level where you can read news and updates from a wide range of categories.

I hope, soon my blog will have an updated position on the Feedspot with the top 10 weight loss blog lists. I pray for Feedspot’s great success and wish Anuj achieve the greatest height, more success, and love in life. Thanks! Anubhav Kumar 🙂

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