This is how recording and tracking habits can help you lose weight

Losing weight is not easy but at the same time not impossible. With the right mindset, food, and workout routine, I lost around 20 kgs in 4.5 months.

From my personal experience, I can say that weight loss is more about habit and mindset and less about diet.

Why I am saying this because without discipline and the right mindset, no diet and workout gonna work for you.

And for the right mindset, you need to make some changes in your habits. And these habits include eating, exercising, and many more.

If you think, you are unable to lose weight and feeling demotivated, you just learn to record your activities. The recording will help you develop the right habits to lose weight.

Record what you eat

This is very important. Recording your daily calorie intake will help you know your daily calorie consumption. Start from the morning breakfast and record it.

Do not forget to record all the small things you are eating throughout the day. The more you write your food, the more clarity you will gain.

There are many Apps that will help you accomplish this food recording goal. I have used the HealthifyMe app to record my calories.

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Initially, it will take some time to come to your habit. But once you will learn to record your food, you will learn disciplined eating.

Slowly with time, you will find that you are eating in a very calorie-friendly manner. Also, try to stick to your daily calorie budget.

Suppose that you are eating 1500 calories throughout the day, record how skillfully you are consuming these calories.

Record your steps

Another crucial part of your weight loss is burning calories. To burn calories you need to do some workouts. I love brisk walking and running.

Try to do at least 10,000 steps every day. Record your steps and stick to your goal. Do it for some days and see how you are progressing with time.

There are many steps counter Apps available in Play Store. If you have a budget, you can buy one good smartwatch to record your steps.

Record your water intake

Drinking water helps you in hydration and supports you in your weight loss. Keep a reminder for drinking water and consume it at regular intervals.

Record the glasses of water you had throughout the day. There are Apps that will help in notifying and recording your glasses of water.


Recording activity has helped me a lot in my weight loss journey. There are many other important things to record.

You can also record your sleep because rest is a very important factor. You lose weight even when you are in sleep mode.

If you are finding it difficult to start, just start by recording your food. Once it comes to your habit slowly you can start tracking your steps, water, and sleep.

I must say, these simple changes in your habits will help you lose weight and build a fitness attitude in you.

Without a change in your habit, there is no change in your appearance. If you want to look good and active, learn to write and record your activities.

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