R’Bonney Gabriel, the Miss Universe 2022 shares her fitness tips and diet

On January 15, R’Bonney Gabriel was named as the Miss Universe for 2022 at a ceremony in New Orleans.

Defeating the other 83 participants, she wore the crown of 2022 Miss Universe. R’Bonney Gabriel is the first Filipina American to win Miss USA.

R’Bonney Gabriel’s Diet

Do you know what makes the 2022 Miss Universe so fit and healthy? She shared some good healthy eating habits that make her look younger and more energetic.

R’Bonney Gabriel’s Breakfast

Gabriel loves starting her day with a protein-powered meal. And for that, she prefers to have a protein-rich diet including oatmeal and eggs. This helps her feel full for a longer duration.

Gabriel’s Lunch Diet

Lunch is a very important part of her diet routine. And to make her lunch healthier she prefers to have foods like shrimp and green beans.

R’Bonney Gabriel fitness and diet
Source: Instagram

Do you know what R’Bonney likes to eat in snacks?

Not all snacks are bad. To avoid unhealthy snacking she carries chocolates and caramels in her purse when she is out for work. This helps her stay away from junk food and stick to what she likes the most.

Her dinner diet

To end her day she eats food like salmon and asparagus. Again a healthy and protein-rich diet to stay fit and healthy.

R’Bonney Gabriel’s workout

Workout is very crucial for anyone who wants to look slim and attractive. And for a Miss Universe title, it is even more important.

R’Bonney Gabriel includes simple workouts. She starts her day with yoga to add flexibility and maintain good posture.

For cardio, Gabriel loves to walk every day. This helps her shed down the extra calories and burn fat effectively.

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