10 Indian low calorie food for weight loss (PDF)

Here comes the list of my all-time favorite list of Indian low calorie food for weight loss. These foods listed below are part of my weight loss diet.

And, these are not just food for me but a wonderful memory of my weight loss journey.

I used to experiment a lot with these low calorie Indian food while preparing.

I used to tweak the recipes adding different veggies, healthy masalas, and sometimes used to change one or two major ingredients in these Indian dishes.

For example, I used to prepare moong dal chilla for my evening snack but some time used to stuff it with paneer for my breakfast.

Doing this makes my weight loss journey enjoyable without hindering my weight loss progress.

If you are on your weight loss journey, you may try these low calorie Indian food. I am sure you will enjoy adding them to your diet.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of the top 10 weight-loss-friendly low calorie Indian food.

Chart for low calorie Indian dishes/recipes for weight loss with PDF

Low-Calorie Indian foodEstimated calories
Moong Dal Chilla 133 calories/Pc
Oats Khichdi 74 calories/100g
Chana Chaat 82 calories/100g
Poha 130 calories/100g
Curd Poha 95 calories/100g
Oats Poha 180 cal/100g
Mix Veg Soup 55 calories/Serv
Beetroot Juice 81 calories/250 ml
Veg Dalia 80 calories/100g
Dalia Upma 109 calories/Serv
Serv= Serving

Top 10 low calorie Indian food for weight loss (North and South Indian)

1. Low Calorie Indian Moong Dal Chilla

moong dal chilla recipe

Moong dal chilla is one of the best and yummiest low calories Indian food that you can prepare for your breakfast/snacks.

The best part with the moong dal chilla is that it is made of soaked green moong batter which is already low in calories.

So, if you control the oil going into the preparation, you can actually make this dish a low calorie food for weight loss.

The moong dal chilla only contains about 133 calories per chilla which you can enjoy as your evening snack. And, if you stuff paneer into it, you make it even more protein-rich and healthy and can be eaten in breakfast.

The panner stuffing completely depends on your choice. If you want to know, how to prepare this low-calorie moong dal chilla recipe, click the button below.

2. Oats Khichdi

Oats recipes for weight loss
Oats recipes for weight loss

Oats Khichdi acted as a boon to my weight loss. This is because I was able to replace rotis in dinner with oats khichdi. This is in itself a complete meal and makes you feel full eating less.

You can say, oats khichdi is one of the best Indian low calorie food for weight loss. I used to prepare it with different veggies and sometimes used to add spinach to make it even more healthy and weight loss friendly.

Oats Khichdi consists of water, veggies, and a small amount of plain oats, and has only about 74 calories per 100 grams.

As we know, water has no calories and veggies are already very low in calories. It requires only a little amount of oats depending upon a person’s preference, which makes this Indian food a low-calorie food for weight loss.

3. Chana Chaat

kala chana nutrition

If you love tangy food, this mouth-watering healthy low-calorie Indian dish is for you. I am talking about the chana chaat recipe which is not just healthy and low in calories but also a protein-rich diet.

Chana chaat is prepared by mixing veggie and boiled Bengal gram in different Indian masalas. The chana chaat recipe only consists of about 82 calories per 100 grams.

So, it is super low in calories loaded with protein. You can add any veggies of your choice and if you add tomatoes to it, you will add charm to its taste and make it even more weight loss friendly.

4. Poha (Low calorie popular diet)

poha for weight loss

Poha is a widely celebrated weight loss Indian food. You will find many people talking about poha benefits for weight loss.

Poha contains about 130 calories/100g that can be eaten in breakfast or as an evening snack.

Poha is generally prepared using soaked flattened rice and onions. The preparation may vary from place to place.

The version of poha I have for you has extra veggies in it than just onions. This is because more portions of veggies in poha will make it low in calories and thus a very weight-loss-friendly diet.

5. Curd Poha (Quick low calorie Indian meal)

Here is another version of poha. This time with curd than plain. Curd poha as the name suggests prepared using soaked flattened rice and curd.

You can add veggies and garnish with pomegranate that will make it look and taste wonderful. This is one of the quick low calorie Indian food that you can prepare anytime and has only 95 calories/100g.

The curd poha recipe is even more helpful and handy for someone who has a shortage of time to prepare their breakfast.

6. Oats Poha

Oats poha diet recipe

By now you must have known that oats are one of the best weight loss friend diets. So, here is another low-calorie oats recipe called oats poha for you.

Most people eat poha in the form of pudding or khichdi. But here is a little twist with oats. You can have it in the form of poha.

Oats poha has about 180 cal/100g that makes sense to be included in your breakfast.

It requires some veggies that are easily available at home and get prepared with not much extra effort.

7. Mix Veg Soup

weight loss soup

This tops our list of low calorie weight loss Indian food because it contains veggies and water. The good news is that you can add any vegetable of your choice into this healthy low calorie soup.

Mix veg soup has as low as 55 calories/Serving which makes its idle diet for weight loss.

I used to have this soup mostly in the evening with other healthy snacks. This soup ensures my water intake and at the same time all-important nutrients.

So, if you want to have easy low calorie Indian food then grab a bowl of healthy mix veg soup today.

8. Beetroot ABC low calorie Juice

Beetroot juice for weight loss

This juice is loaded with health benefits and is very low in calories. The ABC denotes the three ingredients used to prepare this low-calorie diet, namely, Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot.

Now, you must have understood why this is healthy and low in calories.

If you see its total calories, the Beetroot ABC juice has only 81 calories/250 ml and is one of the best Indian low calories recipes you can try.

9. Veg Dalia low calorie Khichdi

Like oats, Dalia is also one of the popular weight loss-friendly diets that you can enjoy anytime. Veg Dalia is simple to prepare and get ready in a quick time.

It is made of Corn Daliya and different veggies like carrot, capsicum, peas, tomatoes, etc, and has around 70 to 80 calories per 100 grams.

10. Dalia Upma

I have shared Dalia khichdi above but the recipe I am talking about is called Dalia Upma. It means you can have dalia in the form of poha or upma mixed with other veggies and spices.

You get 130 per serving from Dalia upma. In which, you get around 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, and 25 grams of carbs.

Please do not confuse Daliya Upma with rava upma. Rava upma is prepared using semolina whereas Daliya upma is prepared using wheat daliya.

I hope you must have enjoyed this list of top 10 weight loss-friendly low calorie Indian food. If you have any feedback or suggestion, please feel free to comment below. Eat healthy, Be healthy! Thanks!

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