How to make exercise enjoyable and effective for weight loss

Like losing weight, making your exercises boredom-free maybe be a challenging task. But with a solid plan and commitment, you can easily make your weight loss exercise enjoyable and effective.

There are certain things that you consider doing to avoid boredom during exercise. I can completely understand how following certain repetitive things during weight loss on daily basis bores you.

If you know how to add more fun and interesting elements to your weight loss journey, you will make your progress super enjoyable.

In order to do that let me share some tips that you can follow. Here you go…

How to make exercise enjoyable and effective for weight loss

1. Choose exercises that you love

Some people simply go with traditional exercises for weight loss. I am not saying these traditional exercises like walking and running are not effective.

But doing the same things every day may be boring and some people even leave the journey in the mid. So, to avoid this you can consider doing more interesting exercises like dancing, hiking or playing your favorite sports.

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2. Add fun elements

Adding fun elements to your daily boring exercises will add life to your weight loss journey. When I was on my weight loss journey, I used to do certain interesting things to make my walk more enjoyable.

At the start of the weight loss journey, I was not having much trouble but with time I started losing interest in walking for weight loss.

To make my walk more interesting I started listening to music and my favorite podcast. Sometimes I used to change my walking location.

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Doing these simple additions of fun elements made my weight loss exercise more interesting and enjoyable.

3. Focus on variation

Another best thing that you can follow to make your exercise interesting is to add variation to it. For example, simply walking at the same pace was very boring to me.

So, I made some variations in my walking pace. I started brisk walking than just walking at a low pace. Also, I used to make switches between walking and running to make it even more enjoyable.

4. Get a buddy

Losing weight should not be a lonely mission. If you invite more people, you can easily reach your fitness destination. So it is better to exercise together if you find working out alone a boring task.

Exercising with your friends will make your exercise not just interesting but also very effective. You can add some interesting challenges with your friends and have a friendly competition.

This way you will stay intact with your weight loss goal.

Another thing you can try is to join a gym. At the gym, you can meet new people on the same mission. Talking to new people will help you get more ideas and helpful in enhancing your knowledge.

Meeting new people on the same mission is also very helpful to build peer pressure and at the same time learn new skills.

5. Set achievable goals

Being realistic with your weight loss goal will make your journey hassle-free. And, when you are not distracted it means you are deeply interested in your mission.

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This is why adding small achievable goals to reach the final destination is the best way to make your exercise super interesting.

For example, you can set small targets like walking 5000 steps then set a new target another day. Slowly, with time you learn how to be productive with your daily exercises and enjoy them to the fullest.

As you achieve your small goals, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and thus it will motivate you to do more.

6. Reward yourself

If you want to further add interest to your exercise you can consider setting up a reward system for yourself.

I remember I used to celebrate my small weight loss achievement by making yummy healthy recipes like paneer stuffed moon daal chilla.

Also, I used to order new shoes and t-shirts after reaching a specific weight loss goal.

You too can reward yourself by setting and achieving small goals. You can set walking goals like 10k steps and after hitting this goal you can reward yourself.

There are many other good ways of setting goals and rewarding yourself. This simple strategy will make your exercise super exciting and joyful. And with this simple change in your exercise, you can reach your weight loss goal effortlessly.

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