How mindfulness and meditation help you in weight loss

Do you know what is the biggest contributing factor in achieving any life goals? The answer is very simple and you might already know it.

The biggest factor is called “Focus” which can help you reach even the toughest goals in life. And, when it comes to reaching your weight loss goal, the focus is what you need in the first place.

Mindfulness and weight loss

Many people think weight loss is just about diet and exercise. But in my personal experience, my focus comes first compared to anything that has helped me lose weight successfully.

Using my focus, I was able to stick to my diet plan and regular exercise.

Focus has helped me to change my mindset from thinking impossible to everything possible.

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So, the question is what helps people to stay focused in life? And the answer is quite simple, it is your “calm mind”.

When your mind is calm you make the right decision without any distractions. But this is something that people find very difficult in a life full of distractions.

How mindfulness and meditation can help you lose weight?

Thanks to some techniques and practices that help people to keep their minds calm and compose.

Mindfulness and meditation help you calm your mind and stay focused on your goal including weight loss.

And, with regular practice of mindfulness and meditation, your weight loss journey will become joyful. Many of you must be wondering what is this mindfulness. You can read about this in detail here.

In short, mindfulness is the practice of being in the present without getting judgemental about things happening around you.

So, it is a kind of mental exercise to keep doing things without getting distracted and being judgemental.

Mindful eating for weight loss

You can implement mindfulness when you are on a weight-loss diet. In another word, it is called mindful eating.

When you learn to practice this, it will be very easy to follow your diet without getting judgemental about the taste.

I have implemented mindful eating during my weight loss journey and found it very very useful. People feel the diet is boring and tasteless.

But when you eat mindfully you do not bother about the taste but keep your mind focused on just eating.

Mindful exercises for weight loss

Like mindful eating, when you learn to do a workout mindfully you will do much better with exercises to lose weight.

Mindfulness helps you stay very focused on your workout and control pain efficiently. It helps bring out your real physical power from your mental power.

It boosts your mind to focus on your workout without getting distracted from the surroundings. Using this technique I was able to increase my workout timing and even helped me be regular with my exercises.

Practice meditation and mindfulness

So, the question is how to learn meditation and mindfulness to stay focused on reaching our weight loss goal. There are many guides available online that will help you learn mindfulness and meditation.

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Here are some important tips that you can follow:

  • Start waking up early in the morning. Dedicated at least 10 minutes to meditation when starting up. Slowly you will find it easy doing for a longer duration with time.
  • When practicing mindfulness meditation, have a friendly body posture. Not too tight or loose. Close your eyes and focus on things happening around you. Like any sound, smell, sensation of wind, etc.
  • Be aware of all the thoughts coming into your mind. Let it go without getting judgmental. If thoughts come feel any emotion you get and let them go.
  • Bring back your focus from any unnecessary thoughts to the present environment.
  • Practice this regularly and you learn how to implement mindfulness during weight loss.

When I used to follow my diet during weight loss, I used to enjoy my food without getting judgemental about the kind of taste.

When I used to go out for brisk walking for weight loss, I used to keep my focus on walking rather than thinking much about pain and other undesired thoughts.

With time I learned, I how to find out the taste of boring food. In other words, your boring food will no more boring.

Your workout will not be that painful. You will have better command over your thoughts and emotion being in the present.

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