5 Mouthwatering weight loss friendly food that you can add to your diet

5 weight loss friendly food

When losing weight people are very particular about their calories. Eating more calories makes you gain weight. And, eating less is not recommended. This is why balanced dieting is the perfect way of losing weight. Also, dieting does not mean leaving yourself starving all the time. When you know how to add calories intelligently, your … Read more

Apple curd recipe (Curd raita)

Apple curd

I am back with another healthy recipe called Apple Curd. In this post, I will share with you the most common version of making Apple Curd. Also, there is another Indian version of the Apple curd recipe that you can try. I am talking about the Apple Raita recipe which is very popular in India. … Read more

Aloe Vera Juice for Weight Loss: Benefits, Recipe, more

Aloe Vera Juice for weight loss

Aloe vera has medicinal properties that can treat a range of issues, from diabetes to menstrual problems. It also helps maintain a flawless skin tone and boosts metabolism to shed uncomfortable calories. Aloe Vera: Overview Aloe vera is famous for its healing nature, and therefore it’s a popular ingredient in traditional and modern medicinal preparations. … Read more