How to make exercise enjoyable and effective for weight loss

How to make exercise enjoyable and effective for weight loss

Like losing weight, making your exercises boredom-free maybe be a challenging task. But with a solid plan and commitment, you can easily make your weight loss exercise enjoyable and effective. There are certain things that you consider doing to avoid boredom during exercise. I can completely understand how following certain repetitive things during weight loss … Read more

How simple workout like walking can help you lose weight: Anubhav Kumar Journey

Walking for weight loss

People often get confused thinking weight loss is only possible through heavy workouts and hitting gyms. But believe me, weight loss is more about diet. Workouts pace up your weight loss progress. So, think of workouts as a tool that speeds up your weight loss. I have seen people who start their weight loss journey … Read more

8 Best protein powder in India 2023: Vegan whey protein list

Best protein powder in India

I bring you today the list of best protein powder in India you must know. This list of whey protein is the collection of 100% vegan whey protein in India. Whether you are on a weight loss or bodybuilding journey, you need to have enough protein in your diet. Muscle builders and athletes who do … Read more

Best online fitness trainer booking and training in India

online fitness trainer

I bring you the list of the best online fitness trainer and personal training service providers in India. In the Internet era, everything is selling online from professional courses to haircut services, to online fitness training programs. Seeing the demand for online fitness training, some companies have started providing online fitness training services for weight … Read more

Walking calories burned calculator (running, cycling, etc)

Calories burned calculator for walking

Calories burned calculator for walking, cycling, running, steps, exercise, boxing, swimming, treadmill, dance, Zumba, weight lifting, squash, yoga, skiing, badminton, and many more. Powered by YAZIO Calculate your BMI: BMI Calculator, men & women Now you do not have to run behind different calorie burned calculators for walking, running, cycling, etc. Get all in one place in … Read more