Indian BMI Calculator – with Kg, cm & age (Men & Women)

Calculate your Body Mass Index using the below BMI calculator (India). Indians prefer measuring their BMI in Kilograms as compared to LB. So, here is the BMI Calculator to measure in Kg and cm with age for Indian men and women.

Online BMI calculator for India in Kg and CM with age

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When you are on your weight loss journey, you must record your BMI in order to keep a track of your progress. And, this is why I bring your here BMI calculator so that you calculate your BODY MASS INDEX.

Let’s dive into knowing more details about BMI.

What is BMI?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a value that is derived from the body mass i.e weight and height of a person.

In simple language, BMI is a measure of body fat based on weight and height.

We will see in detail how to calculate the BMI, the formula, and what should be the ideal weight of your body based on your height and weight.

How BMI is calculated using the above BMI calculators for Indians?

How BMI is calculated?

BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s body weight by the square of her/his body height. It is universally denoted in the unit of kg/m2.

Steps to calculate your BMI:

  • Measure your weight in KGs or Lbs.
  • Measure your height in cm, feet, inches, or meters.
  • Find a BMI calculator online (Like one on this page)
  • Enter your weight and select the unit as per your preference.
  • Next, enter your height and select the unit as per your preference.

That’s all you need to do to know your BMI. Below is BMI chart for your reference.

BMI Chart for Indians as well as global in kg/m2: For adults above 20 years old

Here is the BMI chart as per WHO. The BMI chart is not limited to Indians but is used as a standard reference globally.

BMI CHART in kg/m2:

BMI range in kg/m2Classification
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5–24.9Normal weight
30.0–34.9Obesity class I
35.0–39.9Obesity class II
Above 40Obesity class III

India Rise of Obesity (Male and Female) – BMI calculator is a must

As per an article on Wikipedia, Obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century. This is because Indians following other developing countries’ trends and their food preference is moving towards processed and junk foods.

The rise in obesity in India is causing it to become an international capital of health issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Internationally, BMI of 25 kg/m2 is regarded as overweight but as per JAPI (2009), a BMI over 23 kg/m2 is considered overweight for India. (For other Indian BMI categories: Normal BMI: 18.0-22.9 kg/m2, Overweight: 23.0-24.9 kg/m2, Obesity: >25 kg/m2)

Below is the NFHS (National Family Health Survey) data (year, 2007) showing the percentage of people who are overweight or obese

Obesity in India: NFHS Data

StatesMales (%)Males rankFemales (%)Females rank
Tamil Nadu19.8424.44
Andhra Pradesh17.6522.75
Himachal Pradesh16819.58
Arunachal Pradesh10.61612.515
Uttar Pradesh4.9171216
Jammu and Kashmir8.71811.117
West Bengal6.1267.125
Madhya Pradesh5.4276.726

The above Data is sufficient to demonstrate how obesity is impacting India and why there is a need to control weight. With the rise of obesity, there is a need for a BMI calculator for Indians to keep track of their weight.

Time to use this India’s BMI chart and calculator

If you are overweight the chances of getting health issues like diabetes and other heart disease increase. To control your weight you need to follow the right diet and diet plan to lose weight.

Here is the detailed guide of Indian diet plan for weight loss:

Make sure you are following the right diet and doing regular workouts to lose weight effectively.

I hope this BMI calculator and information on the need for a BMI calculator in India are helpful to you. If you are planning to lose weight, calculating your BMI value is a must to keep a track of weight.