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Hey Tattoo Lovers! If you are planning to get a new tattoo, I am here to help with the list of 5 Best mom dad tattoo ideas.

Tattoos are not just part of fashion, for some it is emotion. The best thing you can do is to get your mom and dad tattoo inked.

When people plan to get a new tattoo, they run out of ideas. But why would anyone have to get lost in many options, when they have such great maa paa tattoo ideas ready?

In this post, I have collected some cool and emotional mom and dad tattoo ideas you can consider. These tattoos look great for both girls and boys.

There are tattoo ideas for the wrist, and on your back, and even have some cool small maa and paa tattoo designs for you on the list.

So, without wasting further time, let me show you the list of simple and unique mom and dad tattoo ideas. Here you go…

5 Best mom and dad (Maa Paa) tattoos design ideas in 2023

1. Mom and dad tattoo on wrist

Mom and dad tattoo on wrist

If you are planning to get a tattoo inked on your wrist, this mom and dad tattoo is a perfect fit. The red heart in the mid takes away all the attention.

The best part is the way the letters “M” of Mom and “D” of Dad have been used. You can adjust the height of the tattoo as per your choice in case you are looking for a small mom and dad tattoo inked.

2. Maa Paa tattoo design for male and female

Maa Paa tattoo design

Here are two more ideas for a maa paa tattoo. Some people like to ink mom dad tattoos the way they call them.

Maa paa is the most common way of addressing the father and mother in India. This is why I have brought two cool ideas for you.

Just have a look at the pic above, the way Hindi and English have been used while inking. The flute reminds the lord Krishna and is the best way to get a tattoo inked.

mom dad tattoo

Above is another simple yet unique maa paa tattoo. The black and red color used looks out of the world. In case, you want to avoid the red color, you can skip it and continue with the black one. Also, you are free to get any other color apart from red like green or blue.

3. Small Maa Paa tattoo design (Girls and boys)

Small Maa Paa tattoo design

This is for those who love simple and small tattoos. And, I must say this is one of the best small maa paa tattoo designs. Also, this fits perfectly for both genders.

You can ink this design on your back else you can try this on your forearm or wrist. Also, if I have selected one from this list, I would go with this simple maa paa tattoo design.

4. Heartbeat mom and dad tattoo

Heartbeat mom and dad tattoo

Some people like to add more elements like getting a heartbeat design with the main theme. In this design, you get both a heartbeat pattern and a heart in one place.

Also, the artist has done great work inking mom and dad in the design. Also, you can try this tattoo on your forearm or your shoulder. This design perfectly matches both parts of your body.

5. Forearm mom and dad tattoo

dad tattoo

If you are looking for a long mom and dad tattoo design for your forearm, this is another great way to get one. The heart and the message in the mid make it look more appealing and meaningful. The two crowns above the”Mom” and “Dad” makes your parent feel like the king and queen of your life.

Forearm mom and dad tattoo

Last but not least, here is another forearm mom and dad tattoo design. Here are three different colors that have been used namely, black, green, and red. The heart and the green feather are what make this design so different and innovative. But it is again optional, you can go with single black color or else try these three different colors.

Final Thought

I hope, you liked these simple yet beautiful mom and dad tattoo design ideas. Mom and dad are like gods and addressing them through a tattoo is the best way to show your love towards them. Also, getting a maa paa tattoo will keep reminding you about their importance in your life, their hustle, and their efforts.

In case, if you want more tattoo design ideas, let me know in the comment. Below are other tattoo ideas I have listed in another article. have a look.

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