This is how Alia Bhatt lost 16 kg in just 3 months. Know her diet and workouts

Alia Bhatt is best known for her acting in Bollywood movies. But many people can also get a lot of inspiration from her fitness journey.

Obesity is a major concern now and people are looking for a way to lose weight. The reason is very simple, obesity is like a disease that is responsible for many other serious diseases.

Surrounded by so many diseases from unhealthy food and poor lifestyle, there is a need to switch to healthier options.

Eating the wrong food and having an unhealthy lifestyle can damage your internal organs and can make you seriously ill.

Through this post, you will see how Alia Bhatt has worked successfully to lose weight with the right diet, mindset, and workouts.

Alia made her debut in Bollywood in Karan Johar’s movie called “Student of the Year”. She then became a famous name in the Bollywood industry and never looked back.

Now Alia is slowly becoming a fitness inspiration for many by losing a whopping 16kgs in just 3 months.

Alia Bhatt’s weight loss journey

In her early days in Bollywood, Alia was overweight and used to weigh around 68 kgs, which was 20 extras kilograms as per her BMI back then.

She needed something to work on her soring weight using the right diet and workout routine.

Quoting an interview in her early days, she said that she was very embarrassed being an overweight girl among other 500 girls.

And post that incident, Alia made a strong decision to work on her weight.

Alia’s weight loss DIET:

Leaving sweets was not easy for Alia but she worked on her old habits and switched to healthier options. She includes more veggies and chicken into her diet and sticks to it.

Also, she preferred to add more organic food items to her diet and refrained from inorganic ones. For weight loss, she hired an instructor to help her in her fitness journey.

In the end, Alia had to work and the instructor was there to guide her in the weight loss journey.

To start her day, Alia drinks lemonade. For her breakfast, she prefers to eat poha, sometimes eggs, and sandwiches.

In an interview, Alia revealed that to make her metabolism work well she preferred to eat 6 small meals and avoid eating 3 big meals in a day.

This simple method helped her avoid unnecessary eating and control her food cravings. Overall, these strategies worked out for her and helped her shed 16 kilograms in 4 months.

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Alia Bhatt weight loss workout:

It is said that simply changing your diet is not enough, you have to include some exercises to burn those calories you have eaten.

Alia too had added different exercises to shed her extra fat. She included workouts like cardio and kickboxing.

She also preferred running to lose weight. Apart from all these workouts, she also included yoga, weight training, pilates, and dance to be more active and stay fit.

Lifestyle Changes:

If you are not disciplined and motivated rightly, chances are that you may lose hope halfway. And this is why Alia brought many changes in her lifestyle and build new good habits.

She used to wake up early in the morning and reduced her exposure to mobile usage. Also, she build reading habits and used to read newspapers to enhance her knowledge and to stay updated.

Bringing these changes was not an easy task for her but she stick to her diet and workout routines. She understood the importance of self-motivation and awareness and made small changes to her habits. These all changes worked well for her connecting all the dots and helping Alia Bhatt lose weight successfully.

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