5 reasons why you are not losing weight (With some important tips to overcome)

Are you trying to lose weight and finding it difficult? There could be many possible reasons for your weight loss failures.

Today, in this post I will list down the 5 most common reasons for weight loss failures. I will also share my experience of weight loss in this post.

So, here is the list…

5 most common reasons for weight loss failures

1. Overconsuming calories

This is the most common reason why people find it difficult to lose weight. People just do not understand the importance of calorie deficit in weight loss.

They consume more calories and burn less. Also, people do not count the extra calories they eat between meal hours. Some people add some side dishes to their main meal.

They just count the calories of the main meal but forget to count the calories they consume with side dishes.

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Another reason people consume more is that they eat more calories and count less. Sometimes this may happen in a lack of knowledge about nutrition and calories.

So, to main your calories you must know how to measure the portion of your meal.

2. Less or no workout

For weight loss, it is very crucial for you to burn the calories that you consume. If you are not in a calorie deficit, you will not lose weight.

There are two ways for this, either you eat less or burn more calories through exercise.

If you want to burn more calories you need to work out on a regular basis. Workouts are not just beneficial for weight loss but also good for overall health.

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Some people just focus on dieting and do little or no workouts. This may lead to slower weight loss or even no weight loss.

Try to maintain a balance between dieting and workout if you want to lose weight successfully. When you workout you also get inspiration to follow your diet properly. This helps speed up your weight loss.

In my personal experience, I have seen that if I workout regularly I was able to maintain my diet properly. My mindset has changed towards eating.

Whenever I used to overconsume calories my inner voice stops me to do so. If I eat more I have to sweat more. So, it is better to eat in balance and work out in a balanced way.

3. Not rightly motivated

If you are not rightly motivated you will find it very difficult to lose weight. Motivation is like fuel that powers your weight loss journey. Motivation will help you when you need it during your weight loss.

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Weight loss requires a lot of energy and discipline. And, motivation is something that directs your energy in the right direction.

Else, in the absence of motivation, your energy will go in the wrong direction of procrastination and overthinking.

So, if you want to lose weight keep your energy high and stay motivated.

4. Not controlling your emotion

Emotional eating is very dangerous for your weight loss success. It will add resistance to your fitness journey. There are many situations and occasions when people consume more calories with emotions.

Some of the most common reasons for overconsumption are frequent parties, emotional eating during vacations and traveling, in the name of festivals, and more.

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I am not saying you should stop enjoying and celebrating just because you are on a weight loss journey. This is not a journey about losing weight but a journey of building a mindset of healthy living and eating.

There are many healthy alternatives that you can enjoy while partying and celebrating. Also, partying and chat meals are good as long as you are able to burn extra calories you consume.

Make sure you enjoy but should not make it a habit. Remember, balance in life is important including balance in dieting and emotional eating.

5. Unable to manage your hunger

If you do not know how to fight hunger intelligently during weight loss, you will struggle more to lose weight.

Weight loss does not mean feeling hungry all the time. Weight loss is all about diet and workout management.

The biggest mistake people do when they eat less and leave themselves starving. And, when they start feeling hungry, they will eat junk between meal hours.

Another common reason is late-night snacking. People sleep late and when they starve, they start late-night snacking.

So, sleep on time when you want to lose weight on time.

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