5 Mouthwatering weight loss friendly food that you can add to your diet

When losing weight people are very particular about their calories. Eating more calories makes you gain weight. And, eating less is not recommended. This is why balanced dieting is the perfect way of losing weight.

Also, dieting does not mean leaving yourself starving all the time. When you know how to add calories intelligently, your diet plan will support you in losing weight.

Today, I am going to share the 5 best dishes that you can add to your diet. These food are weight loss friendly and rich in protein, fiber, and other important nutrients.

Also, diet does not mean being boring. When you know how to make your diet interesting, your weight loss journey will too become interesting.

Having said that, let me list down the 5 Best weight loss-friendly food options:

1. Moong dal chilla

On the first position comes my all-time favorite, the moong dal chilla recipe. But I have a twist for you to make it further protein-rich and weight-loss friendly.

The moong dal chilla will have paneer (Cottage Cheese) stuffing. As we know, paneer and moong dal are rich in protein, so this recipe is the perfect diet for weight loss.

I mostly enjoyed eating it as a healthy snack. You can have moong dal chilla in the morning or evening breakfast.

In case you are running out of time, you can ignore the paneer stuffing and go with just plain moong dal chilla and enjoy it with your favorite mint or coriander leaves chutney.

Here is the link to the Moong Dal Chilla recipe: Get the recipe

2. Chana Chaat

Second, comes the tangy chana chaat recipe that is rich in fiber and protein. More protein and fiber make you feel full for a longer duration.

This is why the Chana chaat recipe could be the best fit for your weight loss diet plan. The recipe requires boiled kala chana mixed with different Indian spices and veggies.

You can enjoy the Chana Chaat recipe as an evening snack or add it as a side dish to your lunch and dinner.

Here is the link to the chana chaat recipe: Get the recipe

3. Oats Khichdi

You must have seen many diet experts recommending adding oats to a weight-loss diet plan. Oats are regarded as one of the nutritious food items that are healthy and very weight loss friendly.

If you are looking to add oats to your diet, you can try the oats khichdi recipe. This was part of my weight loss diet that I loved eating mostly for dinner.

You can easily customize this recipe by just changing the veggies going inside it. I loved adding spinach or beetroot to my oats Khichdi. The recipe has helped me a lot in losing weight effectively.

Here is the link to the Oats Khichdi recipe: Get the recipe

4. Poha

Poha is a traditional food of MP and Maharastra. But nowadays, Poha has gained popularity as a weight loss diet that you can have in the Morning or evening hours.

The recipe is made of soaked flattened rice and veggies. If you want you can add more veggies like beans, carrots, onions, capsicum, etc, and make it further healthy and weight loss friendly. The poha recipe is very simple and requires only a few ingredients to get ready.

Here is the link to the poha recipe: Get the recipe

5. Curd Poha

Last but not least, comes the curd poha recipe that gets ready in a few minutes. It is made of soaked flattened rice dipped in Indian curd and some other healthy ingredients.

The recipe is low in calories and rich in protein and fiber. It has around 95 calories per 100g.

Here is the link to the curd poha recipe: Get the recipe

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